Benefits of a Contactless Hotel Solution

The need for social distancing and limited contact with other people means contactless solutions have never been more important at hotels around the world. In the last year, hotels, guest houses, and B&Bs have been putting strict protocols in place to ensure their guests feel comfortable during their stay by deploying contactless check-in, QR-based in-room dining, and touchless service booking.

And even though the COVID-19 pandemic will end one day, contactless check-in is here to stay. It’s a solution all hotels need to implement permanently and there are many reasons for that.

Here are 5 powerful benefits of contactless Hotel Solution

Anywhere Check-In

Traditionally guests have to wait at the reception post arrival at the hotel to complete check-in formalities. This can be eradicated and replaced through a digital check-in form which can be shared with the guests prior to arrival at the hotel. Thereby, saving the crucial time and inconvenience for the guests. The hotel can collect information about their guests ahead of time and start providing a great experience as soon as the arrival takes place.

Once a guest has checked in via their mobile – whether it’s while they’re on the plane before they leave their home, or while on the road – the hotel can instantly start nurturing that relationship. 


Improved staff efficiency

Staff are often required to guide guests through the different services, offers, experiences that a hotel offers. Reception staff often required to act as a customer support where-in they have to guide guests about the check-in formalities, respond to room ordering calls via intercom, etc. All this can easily be reduced via the QR code menu. The QR code menu entails the in-room dining options and the various services that the hotel has to offer like bars, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, and more!, etc.

In fact, in research by Forrester, guests wholeheartedly prefer mobile self-service technology and actually expect hotels to implement smarter and more efficient operations. This is one of the most pressing needs of guests right now, and hotels that are able to integrate tech like QR code menu are swiftly gaining a competitive edge.

Drives more revenue

Access to a guest’s behavioral data is the primary focus of every hotel. Contactless ordering and instant feedbacking captures guests’ real-time data which can help the hotel offer a personalized experience. This data can be used for marketing campaigns and exclusive offers that induce guests to return while also keeping the hotel alive in their minds.

Regular updates help build brand loyalty by making guests feel like a part of your community, which in turn drives return guests and increased revenues.

Improved guest experience

The number one reason to use a contactless hotel solution is to offer a seamless and hassle-free stay to guests. There cannot be a bigger metric than a high NPS for a hotel. Happy customers translate to bumper growth. When human interaction is limited, guests require a more personalized and engaging service – especially if they’re required to interact through a device.

Mobile check-in allows guests to stay in touch with hotel staff even if they don’t see them in person. Thereby creating a beautiful blend of personalized and automated experiences all in one.


Safe & Secure

COVID-19 has re-configured the complete hospitality landscape. Guests are more likely to review the sanitation and safety measures adopted by hotels than at any other time in the past decades. Contactless check-in, touchless in-room dining & service booking has helped build confidence in the eyes of the guests. 

Why MyIQMenu

Contactless hotel solution isn’t a new feature in the hotel industry, but it still isn’t used by a majority of hotels that have the means to implement it. If you want to improve guest satisfaction while also increasing your revenue and improving staff efficiency, a contactless hotel solution something you should definitely consider.

 MyIQMenu offers a comprehensive contactless solution for your hotel. To have a detailed view of our solution. You can book a demo  

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