The 11 Best Reasons for Using a QR Code Menu in Your Restaurant

In an uncertain time of not knowing when things will return to the normal, we once knew, the world must adapt to a post-pandemic future. In this last year, we’ve seen the hospitality industry turn to contactless ordering to help boost business again.

This means going to restaurants that offer a QR code menu for customers who dine-in, allowing them to order on a device straight to their table. There are numerous benefits to having a QR code in your restaurant, with the most obvious being limiting contact and maintaining hygiene.

Below are 11 reason your restaurant should be incorporating a QR code menu into its business model:

1 – Eliminate/limit menu sharing between customers

The biggest advantage is the QR code menu limits the number of items customers have to touch when they’re dining in. For example, it’s commonplace for the menu to be passed around the table as people decide what they want to eat. QR menus simplify this, all you have to do is place the code in a convenient location on each table.

2 – Save money on printing costs

Another no-brainer, as many restaurants, update their menus regularly. This can be for a number of reasons such as removing an item that doesn’t sell well, the Chef introduces something new, or an item runs out. Printing new menus every time can really add up, which is why a QR code can be a Godsend. Any time changes need to be made to the menu, it can all be done digitally without extra cost.

3 – Reduce staff contact with customers

This is an important benefit for a few reasons, especially as it is preferred nowadays that contact is minimized. QR menus reduce the amount of contact between staff and customers, aside from when they have to deliver the food. This protects your staff as well as the customers from spreading anything.


4 – Order value increase

Studies suggest customers actually spend more when they make their orders digitally, up to an average order value increase of 30%. It completely removes the human error when it comes to attempting to upsell and removes the pressure a customer might feel when making their order. It also removes the guilt, or embarrassment when ordering more food.

5 – Increase table turnover

It is always a challenge when it comes to serving as many customers as possible without rushing them out the restaurant door. However, with the QR ordering option, customers can order as soon as they scan the code after sitting at their table. There is even an option to allow customers to order before they’ve been seated. This speeds up the entire process and creates a more seamless delivery and payment method.

6 – Easily updatable menu

As mentioned earlier regarding saving costs on printing, the option to update the menu instantly simplifies the process for customers and staff. If an item runs out on a certain night, it can be listed on the app as sold out.

7 – Better design

As a digital menu is created with a strong user experience at its center, it’s easy to make the most popular items stand out and increase the order value.

8 – Entice with food images

To save space and fit everything in, most printed menus don’t include any images of dishes. A digital menu lets the customers see what their meals will look like before ordering, grabbing their attention and enticing them into ordering specific meals. There are no limits to the number of images you can provide in a digital menu.

9 – Improved customer experience

The ease of use with the app creates a much more enjoyable and better experience for customers. Your staff will find themselves freed up to take care of other tasks instead of worrying about taking orders and it reduces the chances of errors being made. Ultimately, the customer is in control of the ordering experience and it’s all up to them. Another great benefit is for customers who might have a language barrier and are able to use the digital menu to navigate around that issue.


10 – Customer data collection

Collecting customer data is a simple process through the QR code ordering system as they must provide either a phone number or email address when making their order. This information can be captured in your system and used to market customers in the future, increasing retention and driving loyalty. Collecting this data helps your business grow as you get to understand what your customers like to eat, when, and what keeps them coming back.

11 – Brand awareness via social media

Use your QR code menu as another form of advertising by linking it to your social media. Prompt customers to leave a review or take a photo of their meal. This will push your brand on social media and bring in more customers.


There’s no better time than now to make use of QR code menus, simplifying the process for everyone and saving your restaurant money in the process. What are you waiting for?

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