Contactless dining in restaurants

During the Corona pandemic, businesses are adopting new strategies to make sure they survive these tough times. For the restaurant industry, the key parameter that needs to be addressed is the safety concerns of the customers. This will make sure customers start buying again from your restaurant.

Implementing contactless dining in your restaurant would ensure the better safety of customers. Below are the methods that need to be implemented for contactless dining.

  • Contactless menu
  • Contactless payments
  • Digital receipts
  • Contactless feedback
  • Contactless serving
  • Contactless dining
  • Contactless menu

You can have a QR code-based menu card on the table or billing counter. The customer scans the QR code on his phone to see the menu card on his phone. An example would be our menu card live product. This menu card apart from providing contactless dining has other advantages like saving money on printing attractive menu cards which have to be updated and reprinted more often. People get to know the latest offers on products that help in sales. 

Contactless payment

The whole world is moving towards cashless payments. Now customers can pay with any digital wallet like Google pay, Phonepe, Paytm, etc. by scanning a single QR code. There are many vendors like PayU, Phonepe, PayTM, etc. who provide this service. 

Digital Receipt

Go for digital receipts and avoid giving paper bills, this reduces the cost by avoiding printer and printer paper. Check out an example of digital receipts in this video.

Contactless Feedback

It is very critical to get customer feedback now and ensure safety measures are not compromised by employees in your absence. Avoid paper-based feedback mechanisms. Collect feedback on your digital receipts like in MyIQMenu or have QR code-based feedback management.

Contactless Serving

Contactless serving is minimizing the use of human contact. Educate your employees about handling food with minimum contact. Display what measures are being taken in the restaurant for safety to the customers. If possible visible kitchen would make your diners feel safe about the food that has been cooked.

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