Digital Menu With QR Code Ordering System : Benefits of Digitalising Your Restaurant Menu

With the augment of technology in this digital age, everything is seemingly being consumed by digitalization and the F&B industry is following suit as well.

As technology has become a constant in our daily lives, restaurants have gradually shifted to digital menus to serve customers better.

According to ScreenCloud, 74% of customers in restaurants say an effective menu display is their top priority. Digital signage such as digital menus is flexible and customizable in terms of font size and displays for you to achieve the optimal setup with little effort.

However, you need not be tech-savvy in this day and age to know how to navigate and order through a digital restaurant menu. In fact, a digital menu can be a convenient, efficient, and seamless substitute for traditional printed menus.

In addition, digital menus work behind a backend system which enables seamless updating and data alterations with the tap of your finger.

In this article, we will cover some of the benefits of digitalizing your restaurant menu and why you should switch to digital menus.

1. Reduced Human Error & Save Time

With a QR code ordering system, upon being seated, your diners can use their mobile phones to scan and start browsing the menu without the assistance of a restaurant waiter.

Furthermore, with an integrated ordering system, a digital menu will allow customers to directly place an order & make payment after dining at the checkout page. Hence, a digital menu can greatly reduce the frequency of order mistakes.

2. No Need for Waiters to Take Orders

Adding on to the last point, a digital restaurant menu renders waiters obsolete when it comes to order taking. A digital restaurant menu can lessen the burden of your staff, especially during peak hours when the restaurant is hectic and packed with customers. In turn, your restaurant staff can shift their work duties to other areas such as cleaning, attending to customers, or serving the food. With technology on your side, you won’t have to hire as many staff to run operations as a digital menu automates and takes over the order-taking and payment process.

3. Ease of Menu Updating

With a backend system in place, you won’t have to worry about printing new menus for every little change or addition to your menu items. Whether it be changing the design or look of your menu, editing item descriptions or adding new menu items, a digital menu is a cost-effective solution for when you need to update your menu.

4. Seamless Navigation

Technology exists to make processes much easier and convenient for users, not more complex. Likewise, digital menus are easy-to-use tools that enable seamless navigation for users to browse through and view menu items. With simple swipes and taps, you can explore and access various food categories from appetizers and desserts to mains and beverages. A Digital menu’s simple yet advanced user interface and navigation features will certainly offer your customers a seamless user experience.

5. Brand Consistency

Consistent branding is an important factor to reinforce your brand recognition. With the implementation of a digital menu board, restaurant management can ensure that the updation & highlighting of menu items and promotions are accurately reflected across all your outlets simultaneously to present consistent marketing messages. Moreover, high-quality images and videos can be displayed on the digital menu board to capture the attention of your diners and convert more sales with unplanned purchases.

In this digital era, the restaurant industry has never been more competitive. As food becomes less unique and more homogenous in this industry, the only differentiating factor left is to leverage digitalization to offer a compelling customer experience. With a QR code ordering system, your restaurant can streamline the order taking and payment process, boost sales and customer patronage and automate marketing and sale tactics through a digital space.

As consumers’ demand for a seamless and hassle-free dining experience grows exponentially, restaurants need to adopt a digital menu to gain a competitive edge against competitors.

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