QR Code Menu For Restaurants

We all pay a visit to a restaurant at least once in one or two months. We all enter the gates, find a seat, and pick up the menu placed on the table or even sometimes find a menu card then look for a waiter to place your order. This is your list of actions every time you walk into a restaurant. So let give this old routine a break and try a new one. You walk into a restaurant, sit on the chair, pick up your phone and scan the QR code, place the order, have wonderful food delivered without any delay, pay the bill online and leave.

Which one was more fun and convenient? The second one right? Every customer comes to a restaurant to have a beautiful and hygienic breakfast, lunch, or dinner without facing any hassles or problems. So, to make their time even more fun and memorable, you can introduce the new QR Code Menu to them and in this project, you can always look up to MyIQMenu for help. You must be wondering why a normal menu card needs to be replaced by a digitalized QR code menu card? Let us go through the points mentioned below for more details on this topic.

What Is QR Code Menu And Why To Choose It?

QR Code Menu is basically a card that shows the food varieties and their prices offered by the restaurant when scanned. It is present on each table and thus reduces the effort of finding a menu card and a waiter to place the offer. Moreover, hygiene is a major advantage of this kind of menu system.

Normally, many people touch and use a menu card that is not cleaned, transmitting disease-causing germs and pathogens. If a customer suffers from an upset stomach after having food in your restaurant, you know who is responsible and this may also affect the reputation of your brand. QR Menu Card is completely contactless and thus promotes hygiene. A QR Code Menu can only be seen in very few restaurants. Thus, this innovative and new idea can act as a major tool to attract new customers.

Easy To Use

Using a QR Code Menu is as easy as ABC. People find no trouble using this system of ordering food. You just need to scan a QR code and everything is in front of you and no need to worry about any kind of virus or malfunctioning objects in your system as it is extremely safe to use.

This new idea also facilitates payment after having food. You can directly see the bill in your account, save it digitally for future use and pay directly from your bank account. No need to download any app for this QR Menu Card. A customer can also save a lot of money from this mode of payment and you can save the payment you need to make to your waiters as fewer waiters are required for this job. Your profit margin increases and people are also happy with your service.

Easy Updates And No Linguistic Barrier

In a restaurant, many customers are from a foreign land and thus are not familiar with the language you speak or is written in the digital menu. For them, language is not a problem anymore. One can easily translate the written language into his native language. This is how you can gain profits as more and more people can understand and have food in your restaurant.

Not only that, it is very easy for you to add on to the list of food available in your restaurant and also to change the prices. Previously, while using the physical menu card, it becomes very difficult in changing the list of food items and their prices but it is no longer an issue with the QR Code Menu. You can also change the style of writing and the presentation of your menu to make it look more attractive.

Publicity And Marketing

You started a restaurant and want people to come and visit your place. For that, you first need to introduce your product to the market by digital marketing and publicity of the brand. If your company is not known to people, you will have fewer sales, and your efforts will go in vain. An Online QR Menu Card can help a lot in the marketing of the product.

A QR Code Menu shows a list of food items and their prices which can be shared through social media. It will be like an invitation to new customers. This is a modern method of placing an order which is not available in most restaurants. Thus, it will be a sign of modernity and uniqueness in your restaurant. It will make you different and better from your competitors in the market.

How Can MyIQMenu Help You?

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QR Code Menu is a very unique innovation. It can boost your profits but, it needs to be designed well for customers to like. You build your own restaurant after a lot of hard work and sacrifices. MyIQMenu respects your effort and is ready to help you achieve your dreams. Sign in MyIQMenu  To get your QR Code Menu.

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