Contactless Menus for Safer Dining

Contactless Ordering

The Safest and Smartest Way to Order.

In a post-COVID world, contactless ordering is the best way to ensure customer safety and confidence. Our QR code technology and easy mobile accessibility make our contactless and online ordering solutions the safest and most. 

Health Safety

Your customer’s priorities will now include an emphasis on overt indications of health safety to assuage their fears in the post-COVID world, and our contactless ordering platform provides the perfect solution for your business. Find out how.

Eliminate contact.

Eliminating unnecessary human contact and exchange is imperative. Make contactless ordering your business’s first line of defense against the spread of germs and bacteria.

Social distance.

Our technology allows consumers to order right from their phones, which will allow them to move freely and maintain social distancing protocols while shopping.

Overt moves to safety.

Contactless ordering restores consumer confidence by demonstrating an overt commitment to cleanliness and safety.

Convenience and Flexibility

Our contactless and online ordering technology maximizes convenience and flexibility for both you and the consumer. Contactless ordering provides consumers with the maximum level of flexibility as to how they engage with your business, and online ordering allows for an omnichannel purchasing experience.


Easy access.

To browse and order from the contactless menu, consumers simply need to take out their smartphones and use the camera app to scan the QR code that will then send them to the right page.

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