What do you think about restaurants QR code ordering system?

QR Codes have transformed from a struggling underdog to a prodigy in a matter of months. Nobody had expected them to be such an immensely useful resource before a pandemic hit the world.

The restaurant industry, in particular, has been the most benefitted by QR Codes after multiple state governments released reopening guidelines that asked them to discard the use of physical menus and switch to digital menus. QR Codes proved to be the fastest and most convenient way to switch their menus quickly and getting ready to reopen.

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Here are some of the key ways in which QR Code menus have helped the restaurant industry thrive in the past few months.

Contactless Ordering

In a time when we are in the midst of a global pandemic and economies around the world have taken a massive hit, restaurants just can not afford to reopen with physical menus that can prove to be one of the most lethal ways of spreading the infection when touched. QR Codes provide a completely contactless ordering option as patrons view the menus on their mobile phones and order. This allows the restaurants to operate with little to no contact among staff and customers.

Reduced Operational Costs

It is not a hidden fact that setting up QR Code menus significantly reduces the operational costs of restaurants as printing of physical menus can cost much higher. Add to that the recurring costs of minor changes in the menu and reprinting them and physical menus prove to be a major blow in the overall operational costs. Enter QR Codes. Not only you can change the PDF menu linked to the QR Code if you change the menu, but you also get the option of showing different menus to your customers during different times of the day without having to change or reprint the QR Code at all.

Getting Ready for the Future

Numerous experts have pointed out that there’s going to be a drastic change in consumer behaviour in a post COVID world. Especially in the ways we dine out. Displaying your menus with QR Codes will not only help you steer through a COVID hit environment but will also instil a sense of security among your customers in the long run as more and more people become sceptical about touching surfaces around them.

There are a number of companies offering dedicated QR Code menus to restaurants and bars looking to restart their operations and welcome their customers back. I’ve personally tried a handful of them and Beaconstac’s QR Code generator stood out to me, owing to the ease of use, features, and functionality. They even offer time-based QR codes that allows restaurants to showcase different menus (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) during different times of the day without having to change the QR Code.

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